Interactive Fiction in Python Part I

InventoryIn a recent blog post, I talked about the early days of computer gaming and the then-popular genre of Interactive Fiction, also popularly known as text adventures.  As promised, here is the first part in a tutorial series on how to create a simple text adventure in Python. 

Interactive Fiction in Python Introduction

Zork I "You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike..." As a middle school student with a love of reading and an active imagination, the words on the screen conjured up visions of monsters, treasure, and danger...all with just a little text.

Coding: It's a Kind of Magic

Python Code“It's a Kind of Magic”, is not just an underrated Queen album and great quote from the classic film, Highlander, it is also most people's attitude towards technology. While most people these days are comfortable using whatever technology they find in front of them, so few are capable of actually utilizing that technology to truly meet their individual needs.

Reflections on Teaching Python (The First 8 Weeks)

Python CodeThis school year I am teaching a brand new grade 11/12 elective computer programming course at my school here in Tokyo.  We have finished two months of classes and I wanted to share and reflect on what we've done, why we've done it, and where we're going.



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