Video Tutorial: Python Spacewar Game

Spacewar OriginalSpacewar! was one of the earliest videogames, originally created on a PDP-1 in 1962! The original version did not have gravity or hyperspace options, but later versions did.  This tutorial walks you through the steps for creating a somewhat similar game using nothing more than the built-in turtle module. Note: this was coded in Python 2.7 on a Mac - other platforms, such as Linux, run much faster so you would need to add a delay to the main game loop.


The Program

We will be making a somewhat similar program - but as this tutorial is for relative beginners, we will simplify things a bit.

In this program you are tasked with destroying the red circles (your enemies) while avoiding shooting the blue squares (your allies).

Here is what the game will look like:

Spacewar Screenshot


The Tutorial

The tutorial is in 10 stages as follows:

STAGE I: VIDEO / CODE - Getting Started

STAGE II: VIDEO / CODE - Create the Player Class / Move the Player

STAGE III: VIDEO / CODE - Game Objects, Borders, and Boundary Checking

STAGE IV: VIDEO / CODE - Create Enemies / Collision Checking

STAGE V: VIDEO / CODE - Creating a Missile 

STAGE VI: VIDEO / CODE - Create an Ally

STAGE VII: VIDEO / CODE - Game Status / Scoring / Sound

STAGE VIII: VIDEO / CODE - Multiple Enemies / Multiple Allies

STAGE IX: VIDEO / CODE - Background Image/Window Title/Player & Missile Shape

STAGE X: VIDEO / CODE - A Simple Particle System for Explosions


Advanced Version (

The SpaceWar Demo version has more realistic spaceship physics, a splash screen and other graphics, and enemy and ally bases.

It looks like this:

SpaceWar Game Play

You can download it and all the sound files here.


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