Learning Scratch: Ghost Killer Clicking Game Video Tutorial

Ghost KillerScratch, from MIT, is a fantastic free online learning environment that lets students learn the basics of computer programming by making games, animations, and other interactive programs.  There are a lot of great video tutorials online, for example:


  1. Flappy Bird Clone
  2. Make a Basic Platformer
  3. Car Racing Game

I created my own 8-part video tutorial series for my students to teach them the basics, and a few advanced features.  The premise of the game is simple: there are ghosts and you need to send them back to the netherworld from which they came by clicking on them.  The tutorial covers a number of game-related topics such as scoring, animation, splash screens, and making "boss" characters.

The videos are here:

  1. Scratch Clicking Game: Introduction
  2. Scratch Clicking Game: Scoring
  3. Scratch Clicking Game: Clones
  4. Scratch Clicking Game: Extras
  5. Scratch Clicking Game: Rotation Options
  6. Scratch Clicking Game: New Sprite
  7. Scratch Clicking Game: Splash Screen
  8. Scratch Clicking Game: Adding a Boss

This was my first attempt at making a Scratch tutorial - I would like to redo this someday with better explanations and clearer development, but I'm pretty satisfied for a first attempt.

As with everything on this site, it is shared with a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license. I hope you find it useful. If so, please let comment here (comments are moderated) or let me know via Twitter (@TokyoEdTech)


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