On the rare occasions when I'm not glued to a computer, you can find me reading something on my Kindle, playing my guitar, and when my back cooperates, bicycling around Tokyo.

When it comes to books I enjoy non-fiction, including biographies and business books.  I also enjoy science fiction, especially hard sci fi.  Some of my favorites include Philip K. Dick, John Barnes, and Isaac Asimov.

I've been playing guitar a long long time, since my 14th birthday (thanks Mom!) oh so long ago.  However, my skill level pretty much peaked at age 15, and let me tell ya, I was not a prodigy!  That said, I do enjoy strumming my 6 string on my (figurative) front porch swing. If you're curious or a masochist, here is a song I wrote a long time ago on a continent far far away.  The lyrics were written by a friend.  Lately, I've formed a band with a few other international school teachers called The Cashed Up Bogans.


The Cashed Up Bogans



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