A Moodle-centric Course

For those of you who don't know, Moodle is a fantastic, free, and open-source learning management system (LMS).  We've been using it at my school for the past year or so - in particular this year use has really picked up.  I recently asked one of our teachers to describe his Moodle use for our colleagues.  His course page revolves around the course wiki but has links attractively presented on the main page.

Moodle Page

He has this to say:

My vision for using Moodle is for it to be a collaborative space for students to construct and develop their understanding...my goal is for students to be the content creators.

This is the real power of Moodle - "a collaborative space for students to construct and develop their understanding".  Of course, teachers need to teach and to familiarize students with the knowledge they have accumulated.  Once the students have a strong foundation, they then need a way to organize, share, and present what they have learned from the teacher, what they have learned through research, and how they have applied it.  Moodle provides the tools through its wiki, which is just one of its many features.


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