Code Access - Why My Open Source LMS Beats Your Closed Source LMS

Moodle is well-known as a free (cost) LMS with a wide-range of capabilities and features.  While you'll get no argument from me about the importance of cost, what you may not realize is that the fact that Moodle allows free access to the source code is much more important.

Daddy's Home - How to Program a "Robot" in 3 Easy Steps

Robot MazeComputer programming has been described as the new literacy of the 21st century.  It is an art form that requires students to utilize logic and higher level thinking skills such as analysis, synthesis, and application.

My Free Online Typing Tutor for Moodle

Typing TutorWhile some people I know feel that due to the tablet revolution proper typing is an outdated skill, I feel that proper keyboarding is even more critical in this day and age.  Given how much time most of us spend using a keyboard, increasing your typing speed is a no-brainer way to increase your productivity.  

Just When I Think I'm Out, They Pull Me Back In!

They Pull Me Back In!It's no secret that I LOVE my Kindle. Pre-Kindle life in Japan revolved around reading other people's castoff know the kind of books I'm talking about: Dan Brown, Tom Clancy, and the like.  I could pretty much feel myself getting stupider and had begun drooling a lot.  But, with the limited English selection here, I didn't have much choice until the Kindle came along.

Teaching JavaScript Through Math

JavaScript and HTMLIf you've ever seen my TEDxTokyoTeachers talk, The Guitar and the Smarthphone, on the importance of teaching programming in schools, you'd know that I think teaching programming in schools is...well...important!

Dead, Jail, or Moodle 2.3

Moodle Powered

If you haven't upgraded to Moodle 2.3, you'd better be dead, or in jail.  And if you're in jail, you'd better break out!

Yep, it's that good.


And the winner is...Moodle!

MoodleI recently replied to a discussion question on Tech Director, a forum for tech people in international schools.  A member asked about what LMS (Learning Management System) we are use. Here is my (edited) response:

Teaching Programming WITHOUT a Computer

We don't need no stinking computers!This one is from the "We don't need no stinking computers" file.

A Moodle-centric Course

For those of you who don't know, Moodle is a fantastic, free, and open-source learning management system (LMS).  We've been using it at my school for the past year or so - in particular this year use has really picked up.  I recently asked one of our teachers to describe his Moodle use for our colleagues.  His course page revolves around the course wiki but has links attractively presented on the main page.

TEDxTokyoTeachers - The Guitar and the Smartphone

At long last, my TEDxTokyoTeachers presentation is available for your viewing pleasure. :)

I have to admit that I was pretty nervous - a true rarity as I almost never get nervous about anything.  I am glad that I was able to get my message out, make it through almost all of my lines, and even get a laugh or two. 



What LMS does your school use?: