Slaves to the Machine

During my recent TEDxTokyoTeachers presentation, I spoke on the importance of teaching programming to students.  I closed with the quote you can see below.

Christian Thompson at TEDxTokyo


The University of the People 2

UoPeopleFor those of you who are waiting with bated breath to my follow up to my previous blog post on the University of the People , wait no longer! 

Teaching Programming to Kids

Microsoft SmallBasic"David Braben, a very well-known game developer who runs the UK development studio Frontier Developments, argues that education since we entered the 2000s has turned towards ICT which teaches useful skills such as writing documents in a word processor, how to

The University of the People

A few months ago I submitted a vounteer form to The University of the People. It goes without saying that I don't want anyone, especially my family and the FBI, to think that I've gone and decided to work for some communist organization.  So, allow me to clarify.


Northern Japan was recently hit by the fifth most powerful earthquake in history.  As I live in Tokyo, I was in no immediate danger.  However as the aftershocks continue and two nuclear power plants are threatening to meltdown, things in Tokyo are starting to resemble the first scenes of a disaster movie.

I'm not the only one who loves the Kindle

KindleAnyone who knows me knows that I LOVE my Kindle.  I've always had a strong love of reading, but have always been limited by the lack of availability of English language books in Tokyo.

Are eBook prices unfair?

?Let me just state for the record that I LOVE my Kindle, and not in a flowers and candy kind of way.  I love my Kindle like John H. Hinkley Jr. loved Jodie Foster.  I feel lost and bereft without it.  There's only one small problem, and it's not that the Kindle is too big a star to pay attention to the likes of me.

Can't We All Just Get Along?

I came across this today - thought it was pretty funny...and illuminating!  The PC vs. Mac debate is still going strong despite the fact that a large percentage of what people actually do with their computers involves web browsing and office productivity apps.  

The Spinning Beach Ball of Death

Spinning Beachball of DeathI got called to help a Mac-user today; as I walked into his room he started complaining about the "spinning beach ball of death".  Pretending not to know what he was talking about, I asked what he meant.  He said, "You know, like the spinning hourglass in Windows."  I told him that I understood and acted astonished that Macs would have any such mundane problems.

Welcome to my EdTech Blog

I'm a simple guy - I've got two passions: Technology and Education.  I'm fortunate to have a job where I can combine my twin passions - Education Technologies Integrator.


I hope you find this blog and this site to be a useful resource when integrating technology into the classroom.